lead retrieval servicES

Mobile App


We have over 20 years experience with Lead Retrieval. Our in-house designed and developed app is a leader in the industry.  Ratings, Notes, Followups, Surveys, Calendar Link, Photos, Voice Recording, Instant Email with attachments all included.

Handheld Device


We've been renting these units since the beginning of time. Simple and effective for those exhibitors that just want simplicity.

Floor Walkers


What good is providing a service without servicing your exhibitor onsite. Our floor walkers visit your exhibitors 1-2x a day - just to say HI and answer any questions.

Who Scanned Me


We all know that exhibitors are busy and sometimes forget to follow up on their leads. All attendees receive an email linked to a personalized portal that has details and links for the exhibitors that scanned their badge onsite.

Followup Squad Services


We can provide post-show services to your exhibitors to help with their followups. Programs include postcards, email and telephone calls. 

Show Management Portal


We give you FULL access to our exhibitor portal statistics. Total Leads, Leads Per Exhibitor and Traffic Patterns are just a start of the information you can use for future sales.