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Learn more about the software behind many of the largest tradeshow and corporate event management companies in North America.

Access To Vital Insights Around Your Events

Our Analytics Hub is your gateway to a wealth of information that goes well beyond the numbers. Take a deep dive into any one element of your event and gain valuable insights that will empower you to optimize change and enhance the overall experience for all that attend.

Importance of Data Management

Information for Every Decision

Intelligence at Any Point 

Irina Costachescu

Director, Events & External Operations

Canadian Health Food Association

"MicroSpec has been one of our closest partners for the past 8 years and we continue to rely on them for best-in-class registration services. We have a very complex registration system that requires heavy customization and constant updates, but we can always count on MicroSpec to stay on top of things and keep our data clean. The system is easy to use, both for our clients, and for our staff. Moreover, MicroSpec’s customer service is quick and accurate, even in the weeks leading up to the event when the volume of requests increases exponentially. We couldn’t run our events without them, nor would we want to!"

An analyst uses a computer and dashboard for data business analysis and Data Management Sy

Data & Analytics

Data and analytics is the management of data for all uses (operational and analytical) and the analysis of data to drive business processes and improve business outcomes through more effective decision making and enhanced customer experiences.

-Gartner, Definition of Data Analytics

Real Time Data Allowing
In The Moment Decisions

Data is key to stellar success. Before, during and after your event you need critical information to ensure you can strategically align your event environment with your end goal in mind.

Analyst working on business analytics dashboard with KPI, charts and metrics to analyze da

Analytics When You Need Them

Receive crucial analytics to make informed decisions on how to improve your future events

As registration or ticketing begins, you can evaluate demographics, pricing and promotions and alter various elements to predict further outcomes in the very early stages.

Before The Event

Event day is here. Adapt with real-time data to better your success. How many online registrants have arrived? Are your new onsite registrations or ticket sales trending as you thought? Are your marketing promotions working?

During The Event

After The Event

Deep dive analysis on the current event as well as historical data from previous years. The data tells the story from every angle showcasing success and challenged components.

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Improving Strategy

It is no surprise that data and analytics are the key to success. 

They have become the cornerstone of measuring success at Trade Shows, Conferences and Consumer events. Organizations can review key performance indicators like revenue, profitability and possible market share increases from their competition and make informed decisions around their strategy moving forward.

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