We innovate & enhance Trade Show and Conference registration environments across North America. Our portfolio of services ensures an exceptional experience for your delegates and exhibitors ...Just ask 1 of the 2.7 million people who participated within our 300+ events in 2019.



Our exceptional development and coordinating teams have years of expertise that will allow us to customize your delegate and exhibitor portal experience.



We will be the front line support for your organizations registrant interactions. A seamless flow that is simple, concise and gets individuals where they need to be, each and every time.

Lead Retrieval


Businesses need and want qualified leads. Leads123, our in-house designed and developed mobile app will make the conversations easy and follow up exciting!



Data is vital and the only way to measure success. Point in time or historical analysis, our data is robust and will allow you to understand trends and make strategic decisions.

What's New


MicroSpec prides itself in being a leader and an innovator within this industry. As an organization, we are always collaborating to become more effective and efficient. 

About Us


It all began in 1985. The vision was clear, elements put into place, and we began to walk the path to success. We are now sprinting, and looking to take the organization to new heights.

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